The Conferencing Movement

With all the new technological advances in the past years and new ones coming every month it can leave your head spinning. Between video collaboration and all the cloud streaming services there has been a number of niche careers and jobs that have been created. Social media is fast and everywhere. And it’s being integrated into more apps everyday. More CEOs and hiring departments are going to be looking for adaptable employees. Companies are collaborating with each other more than ever before. Video Conferencing and Web base video has made that easier to do. There are two distinct parts, internal and external communication. The social part is geared towards customer involvement and is external to the company. Video Conferencing and Unified Communications play a role in keeping internal communications running smooth.

Social Media and Marketing

Staying in contact with your customers is easier than every. Getting them to follow you on your website or on a social website such as Facebook can give you the opportunity to stay connected. There are many creative ways to spread your message to your customers and show them your appreciation.

  • Collect customer insights for product evaluation
  • Send out special offers and coupons
  • Create a contest based on the use of one of your products
  • Randomly select one customer a year for a nice prize

The hard part is reigning in all the social marketing options. There are hundreds of them and they all lead to more and more ways to organize and market your material. There are lots of sites that can help you pull out the weeds. One that I like is We Are Social People.

Video Collaboration

Now, having your employees stay in contact with each other is as simple as pressing a button. Video collaboration is going to help in all areas of business. Innovation, knowledge sharing, training, employee retention, and a drive to make products better, faster and more affordable are just some of the perks that are inherent in video conferencing. Decisions and challenges that need to be dealt with immediately can now be done more clearly with the use of live video conferencing.

With new products coming in to the market such as the Mondopad™ and the LifeSize® Unity 500™ collaboration will become second nature in day to day business.

Also, with Mobile Conferencing there can be a vertical management opportunity. Not every employee will have access to a boardroom or desktop system. So the solution lies with smart phones and tablets. If a work force was equipped with hand held devices, HR department managers can video conference with a mid level manger and an employee out in the field all on different endpoints and systems. Making meeting up a lot easier and taking ‘let me look at my calendar’ out of the equation.

One of the advantages is seeing.  Seeing the other person live on the other end creates a trust and a willingness to cooperate. Body language and gesturing play a big part in pitching an idea or making sense out of a complex issue. This encompasses a whole new topic to be explored in another article.

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