Understanding Unified Communications

Visual communications is fast becoming part of our everyday lives — and changing the way we work, learn, collaborate and play.High-speed broadband connectivity, new communications standards that enable interoperability between all types of disparate devices, and full-featured, multimedia applications are the foundation of a far-reaching paradigm shift in the way we communicate.

Vision is key to staying in the game — and we mean this in the literal sense of the word. All eyes are turned toward the technologies and services that are making unified visual communications as commonplace and easy-to-use as a telephone. Because visual communications is a delicate integration of technologies, network infrastructure, hardware, communications protocols and human behavior, sometimes you may feel that the vision isn’t very clear at all.

This Handbook will help you get the big picture into focus, and understand how these elements come together to enable a unified visual communications experience that’s easy to use and familiar. We hope this revised and updated Handbook and glossary help you navigate the labyrinth of technologies, trends and applications that are enabling us to set our sights on a future filled with visual opportunities.

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