Mobile Video Conferencing on the rise

For the past half a decade, global networking companiessuch as CiscoPolycom and Avaya have been trying to create a profitable business model around video-conferencing.

Despite their efforts, however, there has been no mass adoption of the technology. There are millions of boardrooms around the world, but very few are video-enabled because of the high costs involved
But things are beginning to change. With executives using multiple smart devices such as mobiles and tablets, video-conferencing is not an inside-the-room phenomenon anymore.  Moreover, video-conferencing solutions are today being hosted on the cloud (remotely) and are being offered on hire at affordable rates. Small and medium enterprises, in particular, can hope to benefit from this.

In a report, Philipp Karcher of research firm Forrester’s notes that firms are recognising the opportunity “to use video-conferencing to avoid travel or to at least make virtual meetings more engaging” For Example Avaya / Radvision, is focusing more on affordable solutions that allow for mobility, especially on handheld devices. It is also offering solutions to manage companies’ entire communications, not just video-conferencing.

Video-conferencing on the go. That’s where the world is headed.  Contact Face to Face Live for more information about your Video Conferencing Strategy.