Avaya Premium All-in-One Video Conferencing

Powerful Enterprise Video Solution Delivers an Exceptional User Experience

  • Experience outstanding video conferencing in any environment with Avaya’s complete range of dedicated video conferencing endpoints.

  • Deliver an unparalleled video collaboration experience. Avaya Scopia® XT Video Conferencing provides leading, powerful video communications technology that includes immersive telepresence, conference room systems, and desktop applications.

XT 5000

The Scopia® XT5000 incorporates dual 1080p/60fps live video and content, HD audio, simultaneous H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video Coding (SVC), along with embedded nine-way multi-party conferencing.

Create a high-quality video meeting space with minimal installation requirements for any size conference room.

XT Executive 240

The Scopia XT Executive 240 integrates the advanced Scopia XT video conferencing platform with a high resolution 24-inch LED display. Embedded multi-party conferencing for group meetings.

Integrated Desktop Video Conferencing  24-inch full HD LED display, HD camera, high fidelity speakers, provide an elegant all-in-one desktop video conferencing system and PC display. 

Scopia Desktop & Mobile

Enable anyone, inside or outside your organization, to join your virtual meeting room. Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile Applications can connect to room, desktop, mobile devices.

Anyone in your organization can own a virtual meeting room. The owner can invite anyone, anywhere, on any network, to participate in a video call—or just join via audio. These always available rooms support  conferencing from video conference room systems, desktops, and mobile apps.