The Journey Continues…

Face to Face Live is in the process of integrating the Mondopad into school districts nationwide. This highly interactive piece of equipment offers teachers and school boards a multitude of ways to maximize their potential.

Programs, such as Whiteboard shown in the picture to the left, allow students in classrooms to easily see what the teacher has written on the “board”. Also, because this is a new form of technology, it encourages students to participate in classroom activities. For example, a teacher can plan her geometry lesson with an interactive academic game partnered with it. Or, she can visually show the students three dimensional objects by rotating them on the screen. This is an easier concept for some students to grasp because they can actually see the shape in motion as opposed to seeing it two dimensional on a textbook page. These are only a few of the many advantages to having the Mondopad in the classroom.

The powerful and secure remote connectivity features of Mondopad also allow you to view and control a presentation on the Mondopad from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop no matter where you are. This can assist in the presentation of a school board meeting or other formal presentation because a representative could stay in one location as opposed to traveling to another school on the other side of town.

Remote meeting participants that are connected to their corporate VPN can see the same content on the Mondopad’s screen as everyone else in the room, and control a presentation, as well. Even if a meeting participant is not connected via VPN, they can email their presentation directly to Mondopad for someone in the room to launch.

There are many more things to discover with the Mondopad. This device is a great resource for businesses as well. The possibilities are endless.

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