GenAlCale2Scottsdale, AZ 02/20/14Face To Face Live, recently held a special event demonstrating and showcasing the latest, state-or-the-art technologies in the video-communications industry.  Face To Face Live advisers are certified experts representing Avaya/Radvision, LifeSize, Huawei, and cloud-based video hosting platform, BlueJeans Network.

A recent addition to the Face To Face Live portfolio of solutions (JABRA) made it’s debut at the event, bringing a leading a line of professional headsets and audio solutions to meet the needs of our modern work environment. Your mobile workforce will benefit from our wireless headset series which enables them to connect to their  virtual meetings via,  smart phones, tablets, and laptops to ensure they stay connected while on the road. JABRA’s wireless solutions takes video conferencing to a new level with Jabra Speak™ 510, a unique portable speakerphone enhanced with Bluetooth®. You can literally turn any room into a conference room to stay focused wherever you are and increase your productivity.JABRA1

Jabra’s technology is a perfect fit and a winning solution for Face To Face Live and our clients because it greatly improves user experience, which directly impacts and increases adoption levels for video-communications being deployed in any organization” – Al Smith, Founder /CEO – Face To Face Live.

Face To Face Live Represents Industry Leading Video-based Communications Products:

Our unique partnerships with Communications, Avaya/RADVISION®, LifeSize®, Infocus®, and Huawei®–allows us to offer you the most true-to-life video conferencing systems anywhere. We specialize in Vide0-Powered Communication Consulting & Managed Services, Codec Endpoints, Conference Room Systems Infrastructure, and Multi-point Bridging purchase or leasing options, web-based or private network hosting.

State Of The Art Cloud-based Hosting Services Make Video Connections Simple and Seamless:

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Our Partner Blue Jeans Network enables customers to connect with each other seamlessly anytime, anywhere, and from practically any device. The Blue Jeans Network extends high quality video communications beyond the traditional boundaries of specialized conference rooms and into the mainstream, allowing individuals and employees throughout an enterprise to interact more effectively with each other, and with their customers, partners, and suppliers. See Full Data Sheet – Click Here

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Face to Face Live, Inc. based in Scottsdale, AZ is a full service video-based communications solutions provider. specializing in connecting people and organizations through HD/ED video conferencing solutions with state-of-the-art cloud-based, or private network hosting services. Our solutions help individuals and teams connect visually, virtually, easily and seamlessly with your team members, clients, or partners – anytime, from anywhere, through any device. Offices in Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Texas.