HUAWEI TE30 Video Conferencing Endpoint Reviewed

We received the Huawei TE30 Video Conferencing Endpoint today to demo.  I am not sure if anyone else has had these units yet to demo.  We were delivered 2 of them.

Huawei TE30 Right out of the box. This might be the easiest unit to set up and I have set up many different codecs.  The weight of the codec is substantial.  I was very very surprised on the quality of material they used to manufacture this codec.  I imagined being a Chinese product this would have felt like plastic.  NOT TRUE.  All the connections on the back are solid metal connections.  There is no plastic on the back plate at all.  You can see from the picture, it has been built for durability.

The camera is a 12x Optical Zoom which might rival the Sony EVI-HD Series in quality.  Very smooth movement and crystal sharp images with great light allowance.

The Microphone provides a 180 sound pick up and seems to work up to about 6 meters.

The Remote is very easy to use.  Simple picture buttons lead you through easy set-up. Initial boot time was about 1 minute if that.  The menu layout reminds me of an Apple slider.  Very simple, clear directives for initial set-up.  We were in conference in 5 minutes.  For real 5 minutes having it out of the box to conference call.  There is only 1 cable connection besides power and ethernet.

Some of the features we found very interesting for this little but  surprisingly  well done codec:

Menu shows conference history, Conference scheduling, multiple layouts, remote camera control, presentation sharing, isdn registration, sip server registration, H323 , set camera presets,  1080p HD video, 720p dual stream, and AAC-LD audio.

Very shocked by voice dialing. You just speak out the name of the conference site that you want to connect, and it recognizes the command and calls the site. No more complicated remote control or typing stuff.

Real crazy bonus…it came with a mounting wall or ceiling plate.

The quality of the conference was very good.  We were calling at 768kb. Again I am surprised by the quality, actually I am dumb founded by it and it takes a lot to impress me.  I have no idea of general market availability  or cost.  I think it is around 5k to 6k, maybe less.  All this to say, I am interested to see how this will move endpoints for Hauwei. This might get interesting.

More Pictures

HAUWEI TE30 Video Conferencing IMG_1716 IMG_1719


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