Huawei VC Endpoint Field Tested

We recently were able to field test the Huawei VP9050. I still have it sitting in my board room. It is a desktop Video End Point with 4 site embedded MCU. It has a 21.5 LCD touch screen and a 1080p camera.

First impression…
Appearance: sleek design, very heavy and sturdy. Much more solid than I expected.

Usability: the touch screen is very intuitive. Although there are a lot of menu options, it was very easy to set-up and navigate.

Functionality: Has a ton of features. Very surprised. Automatic Adjustment for Active Content and Picture. API for integration, Picture-in-picture, Bi-screen and tri-screen split display, Content Locking, Digital Caption, Modifiable and optional front , background color and Alpha, Group Function/Address book Import and Export, LDAP, Network Address book, Function Icon, Power On Picture/ Music.

Video Quality: Experienced no packet loss, (I know my network has a lot to do with this) good quality, wouldn’t say it was the best I have seen, but the 4 way embedded was much more impressive than the loss in crisp quality.

Price: Very Impressive

I know Huawei is trying to make a push into the VC market in the US. As for a hardware endpoint this product has merit. With the longevity of the hardware endpoint market always in question, I wonder if Huawei is a little late to the dance with this product and all thier VC products.

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