Setting, and Atmosphere

Conference Room

A nice clean well lit conference room.


Video Conferencing is not a new thing but if you are not accustomed to using video conferencing on a constant basis it can be an awkward experience. Today video conferencing is used for interviews, distance learning, medical, court rooms, and construction. All though there has been huge advances in the ease of operability of video conferencing, there are still some small hurdles to get over. The main one is making it comfortable and more natural. In an article on, a study on courtroom interviews done via video conferencing found several factors that resulted in an unsatisfactory experience.

Most of these problems are easy fixes. Improved lighting, more bandwidth, set up the camera and monitor per the manufacturers instructions. If the goal is to create an experience as close to a real face to face encounter then it has to be set up as such. The camera has to be close to eye level of the participants so it doesn’t appear people are looking above or behind the other person. Also pointed out in the article, if the participants are in a comfortable and private setting, a more natural and improved meeting is experienced.

When a company or institution is initially setting up their video conferencing equipment it would be to their advantage to make a short check list and do some testing. Call another location and have them verify the look of your room. And you can check theirs as well.

  • Take advantage of rooms with natural light
  • Use the length of the room, to keep people from sitting too close to the camera causing a “look up my nose” effect
  • Don’t set up your camera so it’s pointing at a window
  • Try to use soft blue tones for the wall color
  • Plenty of light in the room, more is better, just not shining into the camera
  • A few plants in the corners of the camera frame looks great
  • Don’t mount your monitor on a wall facing a glass wall, if unavoidable put up a curtain

If ironing out the wrinkles in firewalls and trying to get everyone in the office trained on your system isn’t bad enough, then hopefully these pointers will be of service to you and make your next meeting the best yet.

Thanks for reading and sharing.