Face To Face Live, Inc. Scottsdale, Arizona – by Derek Resler, VP Sales and Training,  January 31, 2014

DRessler013114A wise, master communicator once said, Every plan is good until the first shot is fired”…. Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister – speech in the House of Commons, 4 June 1940.

No matter how much we plan and prepare, the unexpected power of nature’s wrath trumps even the best-laid plans. So, how prepared is your organization to succeed during the unexpected weather-related curve ball?

Research proves time and time again that the number one critical success factor for any business to succeed is Effective Face-To-Face Communication. Keep in mind that this relates to “non-emergency” situations, where there are no external factors threatening to disrupt business as usual.  Now factor in the impact of nasty, unprecedented weather conditions, and communication becomes even more important. This is when having a video-powered solution already implemented and available to utilize is critical.

Our friends on the east coast know first hand this year – people are virtually immobilized, important face-to-face meetings are missed, the cost of business increases, productivity takes a hit, and for some, business comes to a screeching halt. The financial impact is significant but can be reduced.

Think about it…any of these scenarios sound familiar?


  • Flights are delayed or cancelled and have to be rebooked at a premium – not to mention missing important meetings with employees, customers, and business partners.
  • That “big fish” gets away because your sales team can’t get to the appointment you have been attempting to set for months in advance.
  • You lose a key account because your VIP client doesn’t trust your business acumen any longer since you weren’t better prepared.
  • Timely decisions required from your board are delayed because a quarterly board meeting with people from all over the world is put on hold.
  • You miss out on a key hire because the competition was able conduct multiple video-powered interviews while you were scrambling to rebook your interview.

The list goes on and on and hits your bottom line pretty hard

when you count the costs. The bonus is that with the right solution you will realize an attractive “ROV” (Return-On-Video) from day one of deployment. As affordability, interoperability and quality improve, companies of all sizes are turning to Video Communications to improve performance, profitability and sales.

3 Simple Steps to protecting your organization from experiencing the negative impact of nature’s fury. The #1 key factor is to be prepared before you need to be.

  1. Have a game plan in place that utilizes an existing video-powered communications solution so you’re not scrambling mid-crisis.
  2. Be prepared to deploy quickly and easily. By incorporating your VC solution in your SOP’s (standard operating procedures) you won’t skip a beat when the emergency situation arises.
  3. Establish a relationship with an intelligent, reliable Video Communications Expert you can trust, who knows your business operations intimately and is going to be available to help you when you need them most. Contact F2FL for a complimentary VC Needs & Benefits Assessment.

Remember, “Snow Days” Don’t Need To Be “No-Show” Days For Your Organization…Let Face To Face Live help you plan, deploy and leverage a video-powered communication solution for your company…Click Here To Learn More

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