Face to Face Live Equipment Financing and Leasing Solutions

Along with selling equipment, Face to Face Live has partnered with financial institutions to make implementing a video conferencing strategy simple.  We can offer a simple lease program as an alternative to direct capital purchase.

Deciding what equipment you need and how to budget for it can be a difficult task.   Capital expenditures affect  all departments and are sometimes hard to justify.   Capital spending can limit your company from procuring the technology you need.

There are many benefits to leasing technology and infrastructure. Leasing allows finance executives to monitor all expenditures while building cash reserves.  The benefit for the technology department is ability to stay current  with technological demands and trends.

Key Technology Benefits:

  • Keep technology current in your organization
  • Ability to upgrade technology that will continue move business forward
  • Easily control equipment at end of lease

Key Financial Benefits

  • Manage cash flow and budgets without the worry of capital expenditures
  • Budgetary line item expenses with the possibility of 100% deductible
  • The debt stays off your balance sheet
  • Maintain reserve working capital


Lease vs Purchase

Lease Purchase
• Simple Application
• Frees up Capital
• Hedge Against Inflation
• 100% Financing
• Potential Tax Advantages
• Easy Add-ons and Trade-Ups
• Preserves Credit lines
• Fixed Payments
• No Down Payment
• No Additional Collateral
• Ability To Work Within Budget
• Disregards Time-Value of Money• Depletes Cash Reserves• Negative Impact on Balance Sheet• Reduces Cash Asset Position

Face to Face Live has a minimum of $25,000 value in equipment in order to qualify for a lease.