The 6th Annual Markie Awards, sponsored by Eloqua

celebrates and recognizes excellent marketing in 20 categories including lead nurturing, email marketing, revenue growth and social media, to name a few. This year, LifeSize has been recognized as a finalist in the social media innovation category. We are so pleased to be recognized by Eloqua for the hard work that our social media and grant services teams have put in over the last year. Being named as a finalist for the award proves that LifeSize has truly gone above and beyond to build a strong social brand.

Joe Payne, CEO of Eloqua said, “LifeSize leveraged Eloqua to take a creative campaign social. By increasing engagement across social channels, LifeSize made serious contributions to their overall pipeline. Eloqua is thrilled to name LifeSize among our 2012 Markie finalists.”

One of the social media campaigns that we are most proud of is our Virtual Field Trip Extravaganzas. LifeSize Grant Services teamed up with our social media gang to create a virtual field trip series, which invites educators and students from all over the world to watch a real-life virtual field trip in action. Past guests include the Houston Audubon Society, Cleveland Museum of Art, Indianapolis Zoo, Museum of Nature and Science, A National Theatre Company of One, and many, many more.

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Here are some of our favorite screenshots from past Virtual Field Trip Extravaganzas: