Two new video components are launched by Avaya’s Radvision: Scopia Elite 6000 Series multipoint control units (MCUs) and eVident.

Scopia Elite 6000 Series MCU

The Scopia Elite 6000 Series MCUs enable enterprise-grade collaboration while reducing the cost-per-port associated with HD video conferencing by up to 50 percent. The Scopia Elite MCUs Radvision Scopia Elite 6000 MCUare also touted by Radvision to offer twice the density and performance while requiring only “up to 75 percent less power than hardware MCUs.” Personalization options of up to 24 different video layouts, including panoramic ones, are possible. Up to 28 participants collaborating simultaneously can be displayed on the screen.

All standards-based telepresence systems work with the Scopia Elite 6000 Series MCUs, including Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, and Polycom platforms. BYOD initiatives are also said to be enabled with Scopia Desktop and Scopia Mobile.

Radvision also introduces eVident, a suite of intelligent monitoring tools that enable businesses and service providers to ensure video network readiness before and after deploying video and voice applications. With eVident, constant and real-time monitoring of network media is made possible to uncover faults that may impact application usage.


Radvision details the three main components of the company’s new eVident package. One, the Network Readiness Assessments with PreVideo enables network administrators to examine network readiness for VoIP and HD video conferencing before deployment.


Two, Real-time Voice and Video Monitoring (RVMON) gives Quality of Experience (QoE) reports and analyzes audio and video metrics. Bandwidth monitoring, in particular, helps to recognize bottlenecks, patterns of traffic routing, and usage trends.

And three, Quality Measurement and Analysis with VQInsider offers measurement and non-intrusive analysis of user experience to quantify the quality of video and voice capabilities.

“Video conferencing has expanded far beyond the executive board room and onto users’ desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, and smart phones,” said Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research, in a prepared statement. “This is very good news for business productivity, but can be overwhelming to enterprise data networks and network administrators. Radvision eVident enables organizations to pre-assess the readiness of their network for IP audio and video traffic, and supports ongoing, real-time monitoring of the data network and audio/video experience. eVident helps take the guesswork out of IP audio and video deployments while ensuring a high quality video experience in even the largest deployments.”

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