Many large companies use enterprise grade Video Conferencing.

And if it was bought and installed 5 years ago or longer you can bet that a very large sum of money was spent. Not only was video conferencing extremely expensive it cost hundreds of thousands to make it work and maintain it. This article highlights one new offer by LifeSize HD Video Conferencing. In a new wave of HD Video systems the bar remains high but the price is right. Now smaller companies can benefit from HD Video Conferencing and will catch up with the secured multipoint conferencing world.

LifeSize Bridge makes large HD video calls an affordable reality

May 9, 2012 By

Should a board of directors meet in person, every time? Not if a company can avoid major travel expenses by putting them on a high-quality video conference.

That’s the message LifeSize is sending with LifeSize Bridge, which provides a high level of quality at a reasonable cost for large, multiparty video calling.

LifeSize Bridge HD Video Conferencing

Especially designed for high-profile meetings where quality is paramount, LifeSize Bridge offers

a low-risk, cost-effective platform to modularly extend HD video conferencing to more people. Interoperable and standards-based, the easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use LifeSize Bridge can be deployed where you need it most.

With this strategy, high-stakes video conferences with corporate executives, business partners, branch office leadership teams, important clients and international stakeholders can have the same high impact as face-to-face meetings that require difficult and expensive travel.

LifeSize Bridge offers 16 flat-capacity ports at any bandwidth, frame rate or resolution, up to 1080p, without loss of capacity or capability. This ensures a consistent, immersive HD quality experience for every user. For large group collaboration, a single LifeSize Bridge call can be expanded to include up to 48 participants, or hundreds of participants when cascading multiple bridges.

Organizations can deploy LifeSize Bridge using scheduled calls, on-demand calls or a hybrid of both, thereby providing maximum flexibility for system administrators. With logical call layouts, data sharing and continuous presence coupled with voice-activated switching, LifeSize Bridge creates a true-to-life conference environment.

To ensure high HD video quality, LifeSize Bridge features:

  • Symmetric video up to 1080p30 and 720p60
  • Sustained frame rates
  • Encoder per participant
  • Up to 4 Mbps throughput per port

One potential problem for companies that wish to deploy video conferencing involving a large number of parties is the limitation of infrastructure. That’s why LifeSize Bridge was built with flexibility in mind:

  • Any codec, any speed, any resolution, any layout and any port without loss of capacity or capability
  • Scheduled and/or on-demand video calls, direct conference dialing and outbound dialing
  • Virtual operator
  • ISDN connectivity
  • Flexible layout options, including locking layouts
  • Easy administrative controls with drag-and-drop layout options and lecture mode
  • 16 ports of flat capacity
  • Up to 48 participants with Expanded Conference License
  • Hundreds of participants when cascading multiple bridges

LifeSize also offers its Bridge product at a price that makes it affordable for even small businesses. The company contends that its price per port is the lowest in the industry. LifeSize Bridge is one-third the price of any competitor at Full HD 1080p30/720p60, and one eighth the price of any competitor at Full HD with a 48-way call.

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