State of the Video Conferencing Union Debate – [Video]

In light of the upcoming election we decided to have some fun.

Having been in the video conferencing world for a couple of years now, we have found some things to be rather funny.  From names of products, like the Radvision Piccolo, to company mergers like Cisco/Tandberg.  If you have ever sat back looked at the video conferencing industry we have a lot to laugh at.  So at Face to Face we decided to have so fun.  Trust us, we will be poking fun at everyone, even ourselves.  Listen, sometimes we need not be so serious about what we do.  So tune in each week to see the next  installment of  “The State of the Video Conferencing Union”.  If we offend you…well sorry.  No harm, no foul.

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One Response to State of the Video Conferencing Union Debate – [Video]
  1. A fascinating and well thought through look at video conferencing. What amazes many of us is how quickly this technology is moving. More surprising is the fact that government agencies are taking the technology on board faster than private industry. Normally, government agencies are the last to sign on to new technology.

    One of these days, a person will be born at home (with mom using video conferencing for medical assistance), that person will do all of their education at home (again, via video conferencing), then start work in a tele-commuting job. The only time they ever need leave home is when they bury them – now there’s a scary thought.



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