AlSmithProfilePick-color2Face To Face Live – Scottsdale, AZ.  by Al Smith, Founder / CEO  – Since founding Face To Face Live nearly 8 years ago, we have succeeded in establishing this video communications company as a competitor in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We are blessed with great customers  – serving them with the very best products and services this market has to offer.

The industry continues to experience significant shifts in technology capabilities and quality, and pricing thresholds have been shattered. As the industry evolves, new  verticals markets now embracing video powered communications and new provider companies seem to emerge weekly – offering new and improved solutions as well as better pricing. As a result, our manufacturers have been shuffling around trying to figure out what “their” future is and where their role is in the video communications world.

Face To Face is also stepping up it’s game by making adjustments with our solution set to maintain pace with shifting industry trends, market needs and technology platforms. One such upgrade to enhance our service offering is in leveraging the power of broadband to deliver greater stability and improved quality.

One of our primary technology partners, Lifesize, has totally re-engineered themselves into a fast paced “video solutions” company offering a leading edge “Smart Video” VaaS (video as a service) platform , while maintaining the “traditional” side of the business with exceptional products like “ClearSea” and its UVC product. A wise move by Lifesize that appears to be working to their advantage – as they position their company, brand and products in the path of emerging technology and market demand.

Check out this quick video from our friends and Lifesize that casts the vision:

We are writing a lot of business right now for Lifesize primarily because of the Clear Sea/UVC products.  If business is good for us…it must be good for the other resellers as well.  This week we will be announcing the capability activating a new cloud-based video client within one hour of engagement, which includes new recording and streaming capabilities – depending on which service is acquired.   If you are interested in learning more about recording and streaming – click on this link to request a free demo or call us to explore which service is the best fit for you. Demand for these services is growing so the future looks bright for these offerings!

Also, we are still writing orders for the Avaya Radvision products and that business is also on the up tick.  The Radvision codec’s and MCU’s are still big sellers for us, especially with the education markets which are some of our largest clients.  Avaya will be moving all of this to the “cloud” offering as well and we’re currently offering the same “cloud” products to all our clients across America and the World…our cloud service was selected by the California Community College network and being used by many of the schools in the group!  The draw there is simple, no upfront costs for hardware, sort of a “buy what you need” solution that a lot of schools are currently turning to.

Check out Radvision’s Scopia solution video:

We are very excited about our newest product offering from our partner, Huawei and they are offering a totally different product for us and one that will have lots of value to those locations in need of a eLTE network for BYOD applications and distant learning applications – See Compelling Use Cases & Success Stories.  The initial response has been encouraging and currently engaged with a number of organization taking a serious look at deploying this solution in the near future.  The Huawei product performance is very impressive and we believe these unique solutions deliver significant benefits to the marketplace. Oh and….our clients are going to love the pricing.

Video-based collaboration and cloud based VaaS continue to be a hot market to be in and I’m grateful to have all the opportunities we are now enjoying! The remainder of 2014 should be very exciting.

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