There is a new addition to the Face to Face Live Headquarters.

We have just received the Mondopad from InFocus and have enjoyed becoming familiar with the product. The features and capabilities of this product have amazed all of us. This product is going to significantly benefit individuals in all professions because of the clarity of its brilliant screen and its infinite presentation capabilities. Journey along with us as we discover all the intricacies of the Mondopad.

If you’ve only heard about it, but haven’t seen a Mondopad yet, you can learn all about it and see the Mondopad in action here.

Since InFocus started working on developing Mondopad more than a year ago they have previewed their progress through every step of the development with more than 300 organizations covering the gamut of the InFocus world –- technology partners, channel partners, enterprise customers, SMBs, universities and K-12 schools. Their suggestions have been invaluable and their reaction has been incredibly positive and rewarding.

There’s a lot to love about the Mondopad. It touches (pardon the pun) every trend that drives technology today – the cloud, touch interfaces, Video Conferencing and collaboration. All of these capabilities come together to turn conference rooms into collaboration rooms.

There are demos available for this product and an InFocus team that is committed to putting an end to brain-numbing one way presentations by bringing easy to use and affordable business class Video Conferencing and collaboration tools to any organization regardless of size. Stay tuned for more information about this spectacular product.

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