Flexible = Mobile

Flexible work schedules are not a new thing.   European Countries have adopted this way of working and America may follow. The Georgetown University Law Center defined flexible work schedule as flexible work arrangements or (FWAs). Despite the definition being wishy washy the benefits are clear.

Real Motivation

Recent studies have shown that FWAs increase productivity, employee retention, and relations with customer base. One survey performed by Redshift Research for Polycom states that all areas are improved when FWAs are implemented.

  • Shortens time on critical decisions
  • Remote workers get better training opportunity
  • increases trust, morale, and efficiency
  • Employees work harder with more satisfaction and longer hours

iPad Video Conferencing with SCOPIA Mobile

Even though benefits like these have been enjoyed by businesses around the world. In the past couple of years the increase in Mobile Conferencing is changing the face of FWAs. Staying connected when in transit or on vacation (not that everyone will) with live video conferencing can save the headaches of missed opportunities. Being connected in a virtual huddle brings the business day to a new level. Mobile conferencing’s role in FWAs is a match made in heaven.

In future generations, this kind of connectivity will be second nature. An expected skill that all workers will have, from labor forces to CEOs. The horizon of business possibilities is expanding and mobile conferencing will continue to improve in all aspects of life and business.
At Face to Face Live we intend on delivering affordable enterprise grade conferencing for the business world.