LifeSize Icon SeriesUsing Video To Your Advantage

We know that Video Conferencing done right can benefit a large and small business in amazing ways. The key is finding out which areas it will work the best.

In the case of tele health and tele medicine, rural hospitals and patients can save time and lives by getting specialist at one location to see a potential problem in a remote location. There by getting the patients who need to be transferred on the way and solving the problems of others with out the expense of moving them. The increase in the availability of mobile conferencing should hopefully help curb the cost of healthcare in the future. In this article by , noted that hospital in Sacramento CA doubled their revenue when using video tele medicine.

In the case of businesses interviewing new candidates, video conferencing with interviewees for an initial interview followed up with face to face physical interviews companies can pick out their top choices more quickly and efficiently.

Another big advantage is universities being able to stream class room lectures, seminars, and events to their own web portal. Giving the ability to record and archive lessons for students who may have been absent or have conflicting classes.

As time goes by new applications using video that will aid in daily business and help progress worker productivity will reveal themselves.