AVAYA joins in the quest to help make video conferencing as easy to use as your phone.

Logo_RV_Avaya_black_Backgroung_300_dpi-01Avaya partners with the OVCC™ (Open Visual Communications Consortium™) along with a number of managed service providers and network service providers to map out industry standards for the growing and demanding video conferencing community in the business world. Video conferencing has come a long way from big clunky oversized very expensive machines to nice slim interoperable codecs, and mobile conferencing over devices through a hosted bridge. One big issue is that all the system manufactures and companies have made their machines proprietary and often the way they communicate too. This causes a pile of compatibility issues between networks, NAT/firewall traversal, protocols and more. OVCC plans to create communication standards that will bridge all the differences in some of these polarized aspects of the video conferencing/unified communications world. With the hopes that users won’t know the difference, just like someone can place a call on their AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note to a Verizon iPhone 5 with neither party thinking about if there calls will go thru or not. A global video exchange will be the technology/standard behind the scene that will make video conferencing from one codec to another or one mobile device to a codec just like calling on your cell phone. OVCC stands to change the video/unified communications industry for the better and for the long run.