The Forrester WaveTM: Room-Based Videoconferencing, Q3 2012

Key Take Aways

Videoconferencing Lets Firms Cut Travel and improve everyday Meetings. In a work culture dominated by virtual meetings, more firms are looking to videoconferencing to replicate the in-person experience that employees prefer — or at least make voice conversations more engaging by fostering the trust and improved communication that comes with being able to read the other person’s body language.

New developments Make Videoconferencing More scalable.  After a boom period epitomized by investments in multiscreen immersive telepresence studios for the C-suite, videoconferencing innovation today is geared toward extending connectivity to PCs and tablets through cloud-based services or new lower-cost on-premises deployment models.

Vendors differentiate on endpoint portfolios, deployment Models, and UC strategies. Which system you select will have to do with your interest in immersive telepresence compared with less expensive systems, your UC strategy, and your deployment model preferences.

You can download the whole survery here:

The Forrester WaveTM: Room-Based Videoconferencing, Q3 2012

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