Face To Face Live – Scottsdale, Arizona – Andy Milich – 01/27/14

In today’AMilichHdSht3s increasingly competitive marketplace, even the slightest edge can make the difference between success or failure.  Whether you’re trimming operating expenses, improving employee productivity or increasing sales revenues, SMBs’ are increasingly leveraging the power of video-based communications to succeed.
Competition is healthy for all businesses and always good for the consumer. One sector of technology where competition is heating-up is video communications / collaboration. Two natural byproducts of increased competition; lower prices and better products have removed  previous barriers to entry for many SMB’s. Now that prices have come down, quality has dramatically improved, mobility is available and interoperability is a non-issue. SMB’s are capitalizing on the benefits of getting face-to-face with employees, clients and business partners to improve performance and profitability.

3 Key Benefits Of Video-Powered Communications For SMB’s

1. Save Money & Improve Profits:  Travel expenses are dramatically reduced with the use of videoconferencing. Whether you have a team of road warriors, or your business requires air travel, having personal, face-to-face meetings through high quality video will cut expenses and improve profitability. Not to mention the cost savings achieved by improving overall operating efficiencies of your employees, and management teams.
2. Improve Productivity & Performance:  Think about how much more effective communication is when you can get face-to-face vs, being distracted on a faceless telephone call, text or email. Granted for many circumstances email is the more efficient solution, however, for many conversations and meetings, imagine how much more productive your time can be when everyone needs to pay attention vs multitasking during conference calls – paying bills, playing Angry Birds, returning emails, etc…Focused communication is always more effective and produces greater efficiencies.
In today’s hyper-competitve environment, using video to improve human resource management and employee relations is equally valuable to any organization . “Speed-of-business” plays a major role today and having access to high quality video-powered interviews is critical to ensure you don’t lose qualified candidates to your competition. Or, perhaps protecting your organization from frivolous lawsuits from disgruntled employees. Our videoconferencing solutions offer recording capabilities in HD that prove to be valuable features for all HR departments.

3. Increase Sales & Enhance CRM : A picture paints a thousand words, but video tells a story. Sometimes body language alone can make or break a deal, build-up or blow-up a relationship. Therefore it only makes sense that getting face-to-face with more prospects or clients in less time will consistently produce greater sales results. And, statistics prove that when businesses have consistent and intentional “eye-to-eye” conversations with customers, retention rates dramatically improve.
These are only a few of the many benefits SMB’s are realizing from integrating a video-powered solution into their business communications platform. To learn more about how videoconferencing, virtual meeting rooms, telepresence or cloud-based hosting services can help your company succeed, please call us or send us an email to share your scenario. We offer a Complimentary VC Needs & Benefits  Assessment to help you determine how you can leverage this powerful technology to improve your performance. One great way to determine if videoconferencing is a good fit for your organization is to test drive it. Click here to request a 30-Day Free Trial.
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