Vidyo plays Nintendo

Vidyo, Inc., the first company to deliver personal telepresence, today announced that Vidyo’s innovative software platform will power Wii U™ Chat, a video communication service that is included with every Wii U console.

Once again Vidyo cheapens the Video Conferencing experience. We have to ask,  would you put Nintendo in your boardroom or on your CEO’s Desk?  How about the remote worker, do you want them using Nintendo?

I can understand from a financial position and the need to court investors.  However, if you  are looking to capture the consumer class for video conferencing,  Vidyo must remember  Skype and Facetime already have that market.  Another important aspect to remember is that both Skype and Facetime are  free.  There is no need to purchase a Nintendo system.  So I am not sure where the financial return will be.

Take a look at the following pictures which where taken from the Nintendo Youtube Page. Tell me if this is what you want for your business Video Conferencing solution to look like.