FACE TO FACE LIVE, Scottsdale AZ,  Like much of our technology investment decisions today, one recurring question seems to be at the forefront – Cloud vs On Premise? Deciding on the right Video Communications solution is no different.

To help us dive into this important question, we turned to our partner LifeSize for valuable content that should answer most of your questions. Here are just a few key highlights and defining questions they present:

You have two options when it comes to high quality video conferencing, now you need to decide which solution is best for you: one that’s based in the cloud or one that resides on your company’s network?

Take this quick quiz to help get more clarity on discovering which one best fits your needs:

Which matters more to your business?
A. Subscribing to a fast, easy and scalable solution = Cloud
B. Buying a solution you can customize and manage = Network

Which do you prefer?
A. Not having to worry about maintaining your own IT infrastructure = Cloud
B. Keeping control of all your systems and data on your own network = Network

Can you invest IT time to support infrastructure?
A. No = Cloud
B. Yes = Network


Net/Net = If you want a no-questions-asked, no-administration-necessary solution, the cloud is for you. Need to comply with security regulations or, if you want to manage your existing hardware investments then on-premise is probably the right choice .

Still confused or have more questions, Call me at 480-348-3400, or send me an Email to discuss your scenario, needs and goals. For more information from our partner Lifesize, to help you make the right choice for your organization, Click Here To Visit The Lifesize Web Site.


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