AlSmith FinalBlogImage 042314By Al Smith, Founder / CEO Face To Face Live, Inc. Scottsdale, AZ 06/05/14

Picking up where we left off in my last post on “Why Are Companies Reluctant To Adopt Video-Powered Communications?“, where we identified a few key barriers, including Technology, Costs, and Accessibility. These barriers have been removed in recent years which leaves us with the more difficult challenge of overcoming human nature and specifically, accountability.

There are those who just do not like the “accountability” of what Video brings to the table.  Those are the Executives or managers, who do not want to be “accountable” 24/7…believe it or not…there are plenty of those folks.  One company I’m familiar with here in Scottsdale, Arizona is owned by a French firm. Although they like the concept of video and see all the benefits…they just do not want to be accessible or “on the clock” to their associates in France.  I can understand that but in reality, our global businesses environment today requires management to leverage technology and the significant benefits of live HD Video Communications. For domestic and international businesses,  having the ability to meet with anyone…anytime, anyplace…on any device is in-valuable.

Maximizing productivity is mission critical to any size organization and I think we can all agree that audio-only conference calls attribute to an immeasurable amount of wasted time, effort and resources. This conference call parody says it all……

Granted it is nearly impossible to cut all unproductive activities from our day-to-day operations, but we can strive to reduce waste whenever possible, cut expenses and improve personal productivity wherever possible.

Every manager/executive in the world is far more productive at their own desk (in their own city) than any other location in the world.  The key is to keep that person “connected face-to-face” so that they can have effective meetings where and when they want to….and not be held hostage to expensive air travel.  If we need to have a meeting ….lets have it right now and lets invite all the key folks to participate and “solve” the problem.  That’s what it really all about!  To make it more difficult, the boss wants to have the meeting now and you’re on the golf course…..issues?

RadvisionDesckTopSo, what is the “human barrier” to implementing the latest, affordable technologies across all departments to leverage the benefits of anytime, anywhere on any device access” now available to all organizations, at a fraction of the cost?  The short answer…FEAR.

I trust you are encouraged by these insights and walk away with a new, refreshed perspective on the current status of the industry and its’ capabilities. Perhaps these solutions have evolved to the point where it makes sense to revisit your video conferencing options. Stay tuned for part 2 of “Why Companies Are Slow To Adopt Video-Powered Communications” Hint…Accountability.

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