Face To Face Live, Scottsdale AZ 07/22/14, by Derek Resler – In the age of smart phones, Skype®, Face Time® and other “Free” services, why would anyone be compelled to pay for Video Conferencing services?

DRessler013114This is actually a legitimate question that deserves some discussion and a bankable answer. For those who have used any of these free services, there would likely be a pattern of concern over a few common experiences that often bring out the caution flag; 1. Reliability, 2. Quality and 3. Device Interoperability, to name a few. These seem to be the most common challenges and barriers to success when it comes to utilizing these services. So, the short answer would be that if you’re not concerned about having a consistent, high quality, professional experience without latency or connectivity issues – then the current free services may be a good fit for your current needs.

However, if these issues are important to your organization, then the following benefits validate why it’s worth it to invest video conference solutions – not to mention the dramatic cost reductions we are seeing in the marketplace:

Top 5 Reasons Why Paying For Professional Video Communication Services Makes Good Business Sense:
1. Consistent / Reliable Connectivity = No Dropped Calls.
2. HD Professional Quality = Lifelike Experiences.Scopia Transparent
3. Multi-Device Interoperability = No Body Get’s Locked Out.
4. Professional Service & Support = Ever try calling the other guys for support, when you need it most?
5. Secure & Private Meetings That Only You Can Record = No crashing your video meetings or any other breaches.

Watch this video from one of our technology partners that walks you through the “10 Important Things To Consider Before Investing In Video Conferencing:

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